Photonics Laboratory of Munich University of Applied Sciences  

at the Department of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics 


The Photonics Laboratory develops and evaluates high precision optical fiber sensors that are especially adapted to the demands in medicine, industry and research.

  • Lectures in optoelectronics and fiber optic technology in the Bachelor and Master programs.
  • Research activities in optical fiber sensing: Temperature and stain measurements with fiber Bragg gratings (FBG).
  • Degree theses (Bachelor and Master) and doctoral theses (cooperativ doctorate) in the field of fiber sensing.
  • Commissioned research in the field of fiberoptic sensing for industrial partners.


A contribution to the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference, Graz, Novembre 20.-21. 2019:
Franz Dutz gave a talk at the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference EVI-GTI in Graz, Austria, on “High temperature distribution monitoring in gas turbine exhaust ducts with multi-point fiber-optic sensors.” In this video shows the working principle of a fiber Bragg grating array for high temperature distibution measuremetns.

Two contributions to the 7th European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors at Limassol, Cyprus, Octobre 01.-10. 2019: